V-Check is designed to continuously monitor the viscosity of glazes and ceramic engobes and to signal by means of an alarm any value that exceeds the tolerance range set by the operator.
The device is installed between the feeding pump and the applicator machine and continuously monitors the viscosity value of the product. The value will be determined in centistokes (cSt)/centipoise (cP) and displayed on the operator panel. If this value deviates from the Set Point beyond the set tolerances, V-Check Evolution will notify the operator of the anomaly by means of an audible and visual alarm. The device will automatically perform cleaning cycles. Can be installed on any type of tub or tank.

With automatic viscosity adjustment through addition of additive, water or glaze.

Technical specifications

- carpentry in AISI 304 stainless steel
- automatic viscosity sensor in stainless steel, designed for ceramic glazes
- valves for automatic washing
- PLC for automatic control of the machine cycle
- operator panel with 4.3 “color touch screen
- storage of work cycles on PLC, with date and time
- range of viscosity 3-3000 cP
- temperature up to 125°C
- pressure up to 12 bar