Automatic washing system for airless glazing booths complete of high-pressure pump group and rotating nozzles. I-Wash allows a systematic cleaning of glazing booths through a high pressure water sprayer, with washing of suction labyrinths and separate disposal of glaze.
Operation mode: The internal washing of the cabin is made by rotating pipes with nozzles installed on the bottom part of the cabin, while the washing of aspiration labyrinths will be made by fix nozzles. The system can work in manual mode (the operator can decide to start the auto-washing) or in automatic mode (the auto-washing will start during the cleaning cycle of digital printing machine). During the washing cycle will be clean automatically the glaze application airless pump too and the water discharge will be automatically switched out of the tank, directly on the floor water gutter near the cabin.

Watch the video on Smac YouTube channel: IWASH - AUTOMATIC WASHING SYSTEM(click here)

Technical specifications

- complete automation of washing process
- time control between cleaning cycles
- connection with digital printing machine
- auto-cleaning of pump, pipes and spray-guns
- productivity increase and refuse reduction
- washing times reduction
- reduction of manual heavy works
- low water consumption