Movable airless system for the application of engobes, glazes and crystallines on large size tiles and ceramic slabs. It guarantee to obtain a perfect and uniformity coverage on large and very large sizes, with a transversal movement of the upper guns. Stainless steel booth with standard or deep bottom collecting tank, complete of lateral doors, over-spray nets and belts supports. The system is equipped with independent support frame and the movement is made by linear axis controlled by high-speed brushless motor electronically managed by PLC. Application with 4/6 guns with feeding by high pressure pump. Control panel with HMI touch-screen and production recipes setting.
Watch the video on Smac YouTube channel: VERSATILE - MOVABLE AIRLESS SYSTEM(click here)

Technical specifications

- independent support frame;
- nr.01 high precision linear guide for horizontal translation;
- nr.01 high speed brushless motor;
- control panel with PLC and color touch screen;
- operator panel with production recipe setting;
- available for sizes up to 2000 mm wide.