Device for the automatic control of the flow rate of the spray nozzles which allows to monitor the flow of glaze dispensed in order to detect any clogging or deterioration. The operator will be able to set the optimal amount of glaze for each single spray-gun and the relative tolerance range. The system will display the instantaneous flow of each individual nozzle and signal any anomalies by alarm. This alarm can be used to stop the production line or the application device to avoid glaze and material waste.
Watch the video on Smac YouTube channel: K-FLOW - AUTOMATIC SPRAY NOZZLE FLOW CONTROL DEVICE(click here)

Technical specifications

Complete with:
-nr. 04/06 stainless steel flow control devices, with IP 67 protection
-PLC for automatic control of the machine cycle
-operator panel with 7 “color touch screen
-memorization of work cycles, with date and time
-AISI 304 stainless steel carpentry
-wheeled support structure