Roller machine, for printing in the bottom part of the tiles passing on the glazing line. The application of engobe in the back of the tile avoids the contamination caused by the direct contact between tiles and ceramic rollers of the kiln during the firing process.
A not properly and uniform application of these products can cause serious damages such as:
- Rapid deterioration of the ceramic rollers;
- Deformation of tiles planarity;
- Undesired accumulations of pieces inside the kiln.
The above listed consequences often have only expensive solutions, causing serious delays and losses in production.
Reverso thanks to the application system with silicone laser engraved cylinder, allows a perfect and regular application on the lower surface of the pieces, with the possibility of controlled weights. It avoids any waste of products, does not contaminate the tiles edges and allows printing logos or other designs.
Available with silicone cylinders diameter 230 or 465 mm and length up to 2000mm.

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Technical specifications

- independent support frame with adjustable feet;
- device for quick assembly/disassembly of silicone engraved cylinder;
- nr.02 independent blade groups with adjustable height, tilt and angle of incidence;
- registers to adjust the contact between the silicone cylinder and the tiles;
- geared motor controlled by inverter for regulating the correct speed of the roller rotation;
- automatic print head rise / descent device controlled by a photocell for the flow control;
- stainless steel lower tank for excess recovery;
- feeding group complete of pneumatic pump with pause-work management;
- double blade device groups;
- silicone cylinder, with special and different engravings mask type;
- electrical panel complete of inverter, general controls, flow control photocell, pump management and plant on board.