KRYO 2.0

Tiles cooler device, to be placed on the glazing line to decrease the pieces temperature before digital decoration with inkjet printing machines. Kryo thanks to an innovative recirculation system with double closed cycle, allows a more uniform and precise decoration with longer life of the printing heads . It removes problems connected to the steams emission from tile' surface. Double closed cycle system with nr. 06/08 blowing blades equipped with anti-condensation device. Kryo is a "all-in-one" device, it doesn't need external cooling or condensation units and in few minutes it can be installed on the production line without further works interruption . It allows to decrease the temperature of large air volumes with high speed and high prevalence circulation. The cooling inside the tunnel is done by two independent evaporators at double fan with condensation removal device system, connected to an industrial freeze unit integrated into the structure. The system allows a very high cooling capacity with the guarantee of a total removal of steam residual. No filter to clean, the machine is equipped of automatic cleaning device for cooling radiators.

Watch the video on Smac YouTube channel: KRYO-TILES COOLER MACHINE(click here)

Technical specifications

- cooling power: 170.000 Btu;
- installed electrical power: 20 Kw
- working power: 11/13/15 Kw;
- air flow delivery: up to 9000 m³/h;
- cooling system temperature : up to -30°C;
- air exit temperature: up to -10°C;
- quick installation on the line;
- steam residual dejection system ;
- independent condensation's recovery ;
- nr. 02 high efficiency evaporators;
- nr. 06 blowing blades;
- freeze unit with electro-fan condensator ;
- nr.02 half-hermetic compressors;
- internal insulation with high density panels;
- color touch screen control PLC;
- max tile size 1000/1500/2000 mms;

- "all in one" system without coolers or external chillers
- high cooling capacity ( 170.000 BTU )
- automatic elimination and condensation recovery
- automatic cleaning radiators device
- no filters to clean
- total absence of steam from the pieces output
- double cooling circuit with nr.02 independent compressors with energy saver function
- automatic stand-by function at a controlled temperature in the absence of tiles
- patented dual closed loop system air recirculation .