Automatic airless pump for a correct application of all the suspended products having high abrasion such as glazes, engobes and crystalline, maintaining a precise and constant pressure without pulsations.

The machine has electric motor coupled with a diaphragm pump, where the diaphragms are mechanically moved by a system consisting of three pistons positioned at 120° among each other. This solution, together with a pulse damper, allows to achieve a constant pressure and optimise the product spraying in compact and constant way, thus obtaining a full-time work without intervention of the control staff.
Glaze delivery at constant pressure thanks to the pressure sensor with back-action. When the delivery changes, opening or closing one or more taps, the pressure will remain constant.

The pump operation is run by an electric panel with a PLC that works in an intelligent way, stopping the line when the pump is not applying the product or when one or more nozzles are obstructed. Working pressure setting from the control panel. In every moment the delivery pressure can be varied working on the control panel. Machine alarm in case of lack of glaze or nozzles obstruction. Stand-By mode (optional): when no more material is arriving, the pump works at low speed (minimum pressure), returning immediately to the set pressure as soon as the material arrives again, that means energy saving, nozzles wear saving, glaze saving. Pump breaking control thanks to electronic and electro-mechanic devices which guarantees the reliability and the duration. Easy and intuitive operator terminal. A safety pressure switch stops the motor when the maximum allowed pressure is achieved. Constant delivery even at low pressure (2 Bars) even with only 1 nozzle.

Technical specifications

-Minimum pressure: 2 bar (1 nozzle)
-Maximum pressure: 25 Bar
-Delivery: 2 - 15 lt./min.
-Power: 0,75/1,1 kW