Patented equipment for tile transportation, in independent way, for glaze or engobe application by curtain (bells or waterfalls) The system, composed by two elements with structure in stainless steel and special grooved antivibrations belts, allows to the glaze falling from system such bells and waterfalls, to be collected without dirty the tile's conveyor. Each element is equipped with independent driving unit controlled by electric board complete of inverter, start-stop and emergency buttons Thanks to this equipment the engobe or glaze coat do not contaminate the conveyor belts but it is directly collected in a suitable tank and it can be recycled in the glazing system, avoiding considerable material wastes and cleaning devices. The device can be installed directly on conveyor frame without interruption and without structural modifications, and thanks to its particolar design it doesn't need of cleaning while working. The transit tiles do not suffer of any speed variation, allowing an uniform and costant glazing coupled to a very low wearing grade on the special transport belts mounted on the equipment.


Sizes : from 20x20 to 60x120 cm. Under request special models for size up to 10x10 cm and beyond 60x120 cm Installed power : Kw. 0,75 Max speed : no limit