Complete line for application of anti-stain protective on polished tiles.

Composed of:

Preliminary cleaning and drying station of the piece to be treated (Pos. 1).

Device for anti-stain product application (Pos. 2)

Device for making homogenous coverage (Pos. 3 and 6).

Evaporation and crystallization station of the applied product (Pos. 4).

Final washing/brushing and drying device of the treated pieces (Pos. 5 and 7).

















-AISI 304 stainless steel transport line, frame 800 mm

-Sizes: machines for tiles up to 600 mm

           machines for tiles up to 900 mm

-Speed: from 5 to 25 mt/min.

-Installed power: safe laying line 12 kW

                         anti-stain line 50 kW

-Dimensions: safe laying line 7 mt

                   anti-stain line 9 mt