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KeraLab and KeraCromiaTm

The problem
The problem of the confident reproduction of the colour in ceramic, as for the printing in general, is a constant for all those that, working both in the firms as product/quality responsible as well as in the related services (ex: graphics), have the task to reproduce an original in the most reliable and repeatable way.
In the case of the ceramic tiles, the challenge is made even more complex by the fact that the object to reproduce/decorate is fired in a kiln with temperature changing from 900° to 1200°, thus involving chemical phenomenon which are difficult to foresee and manage.

Our solution
KeraCromiaTm, elaborated by KeraLab, foresees a numerical approach which, after elaboration of the printing device features, extracts a model according to which the image is virtually reproduced.
The virtual printing will be used to effect numerical measures to evaluate its similarity with the original and decide about the opportunity or not to proceed with the real reproduction.

Xam for the ceramic industry
Regarding the ceramic market KeraLab proposes with the Xam Software a new and revolutionary application for the realisation of new tiles, being these reproductions of previous products, of natural materials or also result of a creative design.

Xam “in a glance”
Analysing the results supplied by the Xam system it will be possible to avoid inevitable waste of time (tests) and materials (glazes, tiles and so on). To make corrective actions before and after the printing they are necessary objective data and the numerical indications about the quality of the results Xam supplies which are the necessary analysis instrument.
The Xam software has been conceived to be used by the factory staff not expert in images elaboration, therefore every effected action shall be intended as evaluation of objective measures supplied by the system and not regarding
the subjective and aesthetical evaluation of images.

Xam is a system protected by European patent.